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Because I'm Pugging... Pugging Again...

I see New England winning over Seattle in the Super Bowl. Seattle's defense only has one real weakness and that is stopping the Tight End. New England has the best Tight End in the business.

Hammer Log 27 January 2015

At the end of the run, Café Soma announced they would cancel their normal Tuesday/Thursday run due to the leaders having to travel. They were going to run on Saturday afternoon but that was way too early for me.

I looked around Open Raid for runs that week but I didn’t see anything that fit my schedule. When I logged on Tuesday, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. After taking care of my Garrisons, I pulled up the ingame Group Finder. My intention was to find a group to get some practice healing in a raid environment. I was still Prot/Holy.

But as I scrolled down, I saw a group forming for a fresh Highmaul that didn’t have any tanks. I know I had planned on practicing healing but that's because I figured there wouldn't be any groups looking for tanks. The whole point of learning Holy was to open up additional opportunities for me to raid. After I hit the button to join, WoW brought up a screen to choose my spec. This was my last chance to change my mind. Healing leaf or Tank shield.

Hey, this is me. Given the choice, I'm going to the Shield 10 times out of 10.

I would be tanking along with a druid. Nobody said much in Vent and I wondered if I had joined a foreign language raid. Eventually someone spoke up and roles were assigned. They put the druid up first and off we went. The first Berserker rush targeted a shadow priest who stood rock still and died a quick and painful death. The chain group went up and I handled Kargath below. The next chain hurl I got grabbed. I know I wasn’t anywhere close the boss but I think we were out of targets at that point. I jumped down immediately but ended up wiping.

The group explained they were a new guild and were learning the fight for the first time. Okay, no worries, everybody has to start somewhere. The fight was explained and we attempted it again. The second time the chain group went up and I got Impale, I died. I’m not sure if the healer was out of mana or just not able to keep up. I should have used a cooldown but I was saving them for the second Impale and while you are being Impaled you are stunned so I couldn't use one at that point.

After the 3rd wipe, the PuG DPS warrior rage quit, but we picked up a Rogue and a Warlock. These guys had better DPS than the guy who left and I used a cooldown of some sort for every Impale (Divine Protection, Ardent Defender, Stay of Execution, and Guardian of Ancient Kings). Each time I noticed I had the bomb debuff (even though I wasn’t going up into the stands), but we managed to kill him.

We cleared over to Butcher. The Guardian Druid bet me 50g one of the group would get to 5 stacks. It never got that far. At 3 stacks, the healers couldn't keep people up. At this point, people started leaving and the raid leader called it.

I decided I had had about enough of PuGs and I went to troll the Guild Recruitment forums. It seems Blizzard needs to rename them to Mythic Guild Recruitment. Nearly every guild posting is between 1/7 and 6/7 Mythic. I’m only 1/7 Heroic and I’ve only done that once. At 645, I have very little to offer to a Mythic guild. Plus, Mythic means transfer to trial. Most of these guilds also run 3 nights, sometimes more. I’m not able to do more than two.

Some of the guilds advertise themselves as 'casual', but it seems like we have different ideas of what exactly that means. Case in point, one of the guilds posted: "We cannot commit to the highly time-intensive raid schedule of hardcore raiding guilds."

That sounded promising so I checked their schedule. They raid 12 hours per week. In my world, 12 hours per week constitutes a 'highly time-intensive' raid schedule.

I’m even too casual for the casuals.

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Kadomi said...

Really sounds rough, to be honest. I am living the dream, I guess and am part of a guild that raids casually, twice a week, for a total of like...6 hours. We're 6/7 normal, 2/7 heroic, and it's fun.

Such guilds exist, they likely just don't advertize much. :(