Thursday, February 5, 2015

[Mini-Post] I'm a Dirty Casual

I had transferred Honors from Shadow Council to Hyjal Monday night. I had learned my lesson about trying to transfer on patch day from Warlords launch. I wasn't going to try that again. Hyjal is a bigger realm than Shadow Council (SC) so while I was able to pad the old bank account going from Zul'jin to SC, there was not as much opportunity going from SC to Hyjal.

As some of the more observant among you may have noticed, something went awry with the Goblin device that transferred me to my new home.

Never did trust them little buggers.

The story behind it is an item called Transmorphic Tincture that I got from Level 3 Alchemy Lab. The Transmorphic Tincture changes the gender of your toon and the first time I used it, I discovered I really liked the Femtaur model. It's smaller and feels more responsive than the male Tauren. I feel like I can react better. The Femtaur allows me to still be Tauren but I have a smaller model that I like better. I had actually debated going Blood Elf for a time before I found this item. I like the Blood Elf model, but from a lore/RP standpoint, I'd much rather be a Tauren. In addition, I prefer Thunder Bluff to Silvermoon.

This is the first time I've had a female toon and it is a little weird seeing the female pronouns in quest text and such.

I have a Level 3 Alchemy Lab and every day I’m running Garrison stuff, I’ll throw Mulverick in there even if it’s only long enough to grab the Alchemy Experiment. I really hate it that my best two of my three followers for doing Highmaul missions are my Jewlecrafter (Olim), and my Alchemist (Mulverick). I generally need them on missions rather than working their respective buildings. I guess I need to figure out who I can use a Follower Retraining certificate on.

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