Friday, February 27, 2015

Tankadin Glyphs and Talents for Blackrock Foundry (Part 1)

This post will cover Gruul, Oregorger, Hans'gor and Franz'gar, Beast Lord Darmac, and Flamebender Kagraz. I'll do another on the other bosses once I get some more experience with them. This is based upon my experiences in Normal Blackrock Foundry. If there's stuff on higher difficulties that would alter the choices I've made here let me know in the comments and I'll edit the entry (and credit you). If you think there are better choices, let me know and we can discuss it. I'm always ready to learn.

I also wanted to address the idea of 'its Normal mode, do whatever you want.' We all have our own experiences and its easy to think that our experience is the typical one. It leads to comments like the one I saw on Twitter recently "Oh the ilvl 645 and lower things? Do they even matter?" Yes, they do matter. Plenty of people are still LFR 640 geared or worse and the 645 tokens represent a small or maybe even a large upgrade. In the same way, there are real players in real guilds doing progression in Normal Blackrock Foundry. The choices their players make matter and affect the outcome of fights they are doing.

Universal choices for Talents:

Speed of Light, Fist of Justice, Sacred Shield

I've also made Unbreakable Spirit the choice for each of these fights. None of them really has a strong DoT component for Hand of Purity to shine nor are there any mechanics we can overcome for our raid by abusing a double Hand of Protection/Freedom from Clemency.


Tankadin Tips and Tricks:

You can solo soak an Inferno Slash with Ardent Defender. You can solo soak a second slash if you use the old Burning Crusade Bubble Taunt Remove Bubble. It clears your debuffs as well. If you've never done the Bubble Taunt trick before you may need a pull to practice it.

Here's a macro for it:

#showtooltip Divine Shield
/stopcasting /cancelaura Divine Shield
/cast Divine Shield
/cast Hand of Reckoning

Talents and Glyphs:

Focused Shield, Consecrator, Divine Protection
Unbreakable Spirit, Sanctified Wrath, Execution Sentence, Holy Shield

The DoT left by Inferno Slice is ideal for Holy Shield procs. The DoT isn't so dangerous as to indicate Hand of Purity but its an option if the DoT becomes problematic on higher difficulties.


Tankadin Tips and Tricks:

Save up 5 Holy Power for each time you have to soak Acid Torrent. As he is casting, you cast Shield of the Righteous, then Judgement, and then another Shield of the Righteous. This will give you a nice damage reduction for Acid Torrent in addition to whatever cooldown you are using. I like to start with Divine Protection since early on in the fight is when our healers can recover the easiest. If you can stack Glyphed Divine Protection with the 5 Holy Power Shield of the Righteous and an external cooldown, you can almost eliminate the damage. Save Hand of Sacrifice for your cotank if he gets to a spot where he doesn't have a cooldown ready.

Talents and Glyphs:

Focused Shield, Final Wrath, Divine Protection - I like Final Wrath to help finish off a box and by not using Consecrator I can drop a Consecration on a box and move away. Consecration will continue to tick and do damage.

Unbreakable Spirit, Execution Sentence, Holy Avenger, Seraphim or Empowered Seals

Because of the rolling phase, you lose a ton of Holy Shield procs. The fight seems ideal for Empowered Seals. Drop in Insight when you are tanking and soaking an Acid Torent and switch to Righteousness for when you cotank has him and the boxes. Holy Avenger can be a sort of extra cooldown if you have to soak an Acid Torrent and don't have something off cooldown.

Hans'gar and Franz'gor

Tankadin Tips and Tricks:

Save Ardent Defender for the final Suplex. It's the most dangerous and Ardent Defender guarantees you will not die.

Talents and Glyphs:

Divine Protection, Consecrator, Double Jeopardy
Unbreakable Spirit, Divine Purpose, Execution Sentence, Empowered Seals

If you can cycle between the two bosses when both are down Double Jeopardy is a nice DPS gain.

You have to move so much that having Consecrator helps. You Consecration moves with you and always ticks. You spend a lot of time in this fight either running around or with only one boss down. When you actively tanking, be in Insight and if you aren't actively tanking drop into Righteousness.

UPDATE: As JalmĂȘ the Kingslayer, correctly points out, if you run Empowered Seals, you should have both buffs always up.

Beast Lord Darmac

Tankadin Tips and Tricks:

You can leave a Glyph of Consecration ticking right by the door where the animals come out. A 5 target Avenger's Shield will pick up most of the beast.

Talents and Glyphs:

Consecration, Final Wrath, Divine Protection
Unbreakable Spirit, Sanctified Wrath, Light's Hammer, Holy Shield,

Holy Shield really shines when you AoE tank the beasts. Holy Wrath buffed by Sanctified Wrath is nice for snap aggro on the packs. Final Wrath gets more use because the beasts will be in Final Wrath range often when Holy Wrath comes off cooldown. I also like Final Wrath in general to push out that last bit of execute range DPS that might just turn a 1% wipe into a kill. Be sure you don't have the Focus Shield Glyph because you really want Avenger's Shield to hit as many beasts as you can.

Flamebender Ka'graz

Tankadin Tips and Tricks:

You've got to be spot on the tanks swaps for the Cinder Wolves and on the initial pickup of the Overheated Cinder Wolf which can be complicated by the Summoned Enchanted Armaments.  Use Ardent Defender if you think there aren't enough people to soak the Molten Torrent meteor when it comes to melee. You can help the healers Cleanse any Singe debuffs players (including yourself) might have. You can Bubble Taunt off the Charring Breaths debuffs if they have gotten too high. Just be careful of your timing so you don't get anyone else (especially the other tank) breathed on while you remove your debuffs. You can toss a Hammer of Wrath to help finish off a Cinder Wolf that is low and needs to die before Rekindle or Firestorm is cast.

Talents and Glyphs:

Consecrator, Focused Shield, Divine Protection
Unbreakable Spirit, Sanctified Wrath, Light's Hammer, Holy Shield

Between the boss and the dogs you are pretty much always tanking. The only respite is when she does her Firestorm. Light's Hammer will be up for every one of them. It can really relieve some stress on your healers as a health buffer to everyone who groups up.


Rorik said...

Thanks for confirming the bubble/taunt trick on Gruul. I was wondering if that would work and was going to try it for our next raid and the macro will be a big help.

Michael Green said...

I've been running empowered seals a lot. The extra haste + raid buffs push me to the 50% haste cap which allows me to run more mastery in my enchants and gems to improve all those SOTR hits. On blackhand this week I had 52% uptime on SOTR with empowered seals. I ran Holy Shield the first few times on iron maidens b/c of the 100% tanking time and on flamebender b/c it trivializes the charred breath.

Anonymous said...

You shouldnt pick specific sseals for specific portions of the fight, you should have both buffs always up.

JalmĂȘ the Kingslayer