Monday, March 2, 2015

US Hyjal [H] - Dirty Casuals - 5/10N T/Th/Sa

The Dirty Casual Nation

INFO: We are an Adult GAMING GROUP (18 and up) that is currently recruiting for our Warcraft Branch on Hyjal US Horde Side AND our Twink Guild on Burning Blade Alliance! We play multiple games together, have a closed facebook page, and are currently progressive raiding Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 9:30pm EST.

CONTACT INFO: For More information and easy contact info Tweet us @TDCasuals or go to

Contact EsmeraldaSky, Kreelix, Byjaxx, Tachinori In game on Hyjal US HORDE for more info! 

Apply quickly on the forums to join the gaming group 
WHISPER any Guild Member for an invite!


We are a gaming group for DIRTY CASUALS! (or dirty casuals disguised as hard-core's or hard-cores disguised as dirty casuals....)


A sense of humor. A sense of community. Gaming with like minded people!


Guild : " DIRTY CASUALS NATION" US, Hyjal Horde Progressive Raid Team : We are looking for DPS with a MIN 640 Item level for our progressive raid team that runs 3 nights a week T, Th, Sat at 9:30 pm We usually go for 2 to 2.5 hours. We have new players, returning players, and current players with raiding knowledge filling our ranks on Hyjal and across many servers!


Burning Crusde Legacy "TWINK" Guild "Little Dirtys" US, Burning Blade Alliance

We are currently running our twinks as a group every friday night @ 11 pm EST and setting a level cap each week so that by Friday we can all roll together! Adult Beverages welcomed! This is a great way to end the week! Come join us!


Alero Calgary said...

What are you looking for Honors?
I have:
Raistilan 631 mage
Deadpetro 636 frost dk
Tazzburrfoot 641 rogue.

Honors Code said...

Any of those will work. We need good DPS, but I know you'll put up great numbers with whoever you bring. Just bring whoever you like the best. If you want to go tonight, just be online and I'll send you a cross realm invite for the raid.

Alero Calgary said...

I would have to stop being human first lol I will pst you tonight and we can chat some more.


Savvy Mark said...

Honors, I have a 655 Hunter, 642 Warlock (any spec but I prefer Demo), 640 Shaman (Resto/Enhancement) and 639 Ret Pali. They are all trapped on Ravenholdt, but your raid times are perfect. 8 years experience playing.

Honors Code said...


We are fine with you being cross-realm. Send me a friend request on (TedtheThird#1626) or you can make a Level 1 on Hyjal. If I'm not on, look for EsmeraldaSky, Kreelix, Byjaxx, or Tachinori.

Savvy Mark said...

Thanks again Honors. Last night's raid was awesome. 4 bosses one shot and 5 down. Looking forward to more.