Friday, April 3, 2015

I'm All About That Boat, Bout That Boat

I apologize for the lack of updates. Real life has intruded in a big way but last night we had one of those raid nights that you are telling stories about 2 expansions later.

Real Life Stuff

I was late getting online as we were negotiating to buy a house. Part of the real life stuff that is going on is that we decided to sell our house. It sold really fast. I mean sign in the yard on Wednesday, signed contract to buy the house on Friday. We couldn't really start looking until our place sold. The real estate market in my home town is extremely hot right now and if you put in an offer on a house contingent on selling yours, it will only be accepted if you already have a signed contract on yours.

We've been looking for the past month, but with the market so hot, there aren't nearly as many houses on the market as usual. We faced the basic problem of what we could afford near town was either small or in a not so great area. The stuff that was big enough and in decent areas was further out and would require a longer commute.

We found a place we liked. It is a little further out than we wanted to be but it has the room we need and it is a nice brick house in an older, established neighborhood which is what we wanted. The biggest issue is that the people who currently live there aren't moving until June and we sort of have to move out of our place by the end of April.

Good gravy, that's this month!!


Once I got the offer signed and emailed to my agent, I was able to log in. The team was heading to Flame Bender. She went down in one shot. We then knocked out Kromog. My warrior co-Tank got his Protecting Palm. Shields actually do drop!

With that out of the way, we went to work on Maidens. We had made some really solid progress the previous Thursday and we consistently were getting to the 25% phase when the bosses all gain new abilities and pretty much everything goes crazy. Our best attempt was about 12%.

We noticed how long the fight goes and we decided to experiment with getting two Bloodlusts off during the fight. With the early Bloodlust we had to really slow down DPS toward the 3rd boat phase. After a couple of attempts like that, we opted to try pushing them through before the 3rd boat phase. Sorka's boat gives us the most trouble so we opted to make that one the one to skip.

The plan worked well. We were able to push Gar'an down to 24% before Sorka went over. That meant that Sorka stayed on the platform and we didn't get her boat phase. We got Gar'ran down and the damage from Sorka and Marak kicked up a notch. Steel (our warrior tank on Marak) went down. I taunted, but with both Marak and Sorka beating on me I didn't last long.

Both tanks were dead but Sorka and Gar'an were dead. Marak was still up at like 10% health. Tachi, our Boomkin, went Bear form, taunted and then hit every speed boost he had. Just before Gar'an got to Tachi to melee him (and probably one shot poor Tachi), Gar'an stopped to channel his Blood Ritual spell. Tachi put some more distance between himself and Gar'an, but soon after the Blood Ritual, Gar'an went over and finished Tachi. We were moments away from a Battle Rez but we didn't have any Battle Rezzers alive.

We were down to two Hunters, our priest, paladin and shaman. It was pretty crazy. The Hunters turned their pets Growl on. Gar'an went under 1 million. Kite, DoT and run. Slowly the numbers ticked away. Our priest went full Smite mode. Kite, DoT, run.

I thought we were headed for one of those agonizing 1% wipes, but then Gar'an toppled over and achievements filled the screen. Somehow, someway, we had survived, and defeated the Maidens.

Loot was handed out, but they didn't drop anything that would be an upgrade for me. Of course, with the move going on and not being sure about my availability going forward, I was only going to take something that one of other tanks (or soon to be tanks) didn't need. We now have a couple of guys with 4 set bonuses and only Blast Furnace and Blackhand remain undefeated for us.

Looking Forward

As we get into the meat of packing, my play time and blog time is going to be limited. I'll be without internet for some period of time during the move. I'm also not sure how the longer commute is going to affect my availability.

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Michael Green said...

We just started Mythic Maidens and let me tell you, tanking on that fight is much more intense throughout the fight. But so much fun. I hope your real life stuff doesn't keep you from experiencing the blackhand fight. It's a lot of fun.