Friday, May 29, 2015

Blackhand Hands It to the Dirty Casuals

Excitement filled the raid as we made ready to do battle with Blackhand. I was planted in the offtank chair once more. The raid leader explained the fight and we took to learning Phase 1. We wiped about 2% from transition. After we regrouped, we reminded everyone to pre-Pot and pulled again. This time we made to Phase 2. We had learned Phase 1 so well that we burned right through Phase 2 and headed down to Phase 3 where we quickly wiped. Phase 3 on the second pull was a pretty good accomplishment and spirits were high.

“It’s going to be a short night,” the raid leader said.
Uh-oh. I thought.

50 DKP Minus

Thus began a long series of wipes that followed pretty much the same pattern. We would blow through Phase 1 and Phase 2 then we’d drop down. We’d get Phase 3 started but then someone would get nailed by Marked for Death or the main tank would get knocked off the platform by Massive Shattering Smash. Of course, we had to throw in the one or two regression pulls where we flupped up Phase 1 or Phase 2 and had to wipe it early.

For Phase 3, we had everyone stack up on me, except the Marked for Death person, he was supposed to skedaddle. When Blackhand cast his Massive Shattering Smash, I was supposed to taunt and get the group Smashed. Sometimes the Marked for Death person wouldn’t get out in time and we’d all get it and not be gathered up for Massive Shattering Smash. Other times the main tank taunted back too quick and we didn’t get it shared.

Our best attempt was 7%. I felt like we were close but we ended the night with Blackhand alive and taunting us. I wasn’t running logs but maybe I need to start doing that again to pinpoint our issues. I think we all want to get this guy deader.

This was the first time we’ve had any adversity in the combined raids. The group seemed to handle it well. If people were upset, they kept it to themselves. I guess the real test will be the next time we get together.

Consistently Inconsistent

We called one our standard breaks about halfway through the raid. I had an IRL issue to deal with and it looked like it was going to take longer than the break time. I contacted my Raid Leader and let him know to replace me. When I finally got back, it appeared they had just decided to replace me. I got invited back and we continued.

I’m really torn about what to do about my IRL stuff. It continues to crop up and until I get it resolved it might continue to crop up on raid nights. I love being a tank. It’s my favorite role and I’m much better at tanking than I am at DPSing. Don’t even get me started on healing. If I'm healing, we are gonna die. But my consistency these past 6 weeks or so since my IRL situation started up hasn’t been good. I’ve had to miss nights, be late or need long AFKs in the middle of raids. If I was a DPS, I think that would be pretty easy for the raid to handle. As a tank, it seems like it’s much harder. I guess it’s ultimately up to the Raid Leaders (ours and theirs) to decide. I don’t want to go DPS, but I may have to for the good of raid.

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Michael Green said...

When my guild killed this we tank swapped on the bombs. So 1 tank would get bombs, other tank would taunt and position for the shattering smash. This was the most difficult part b/c you have to position so that you minimize the amount of ground that is used by the shattering smashes while still keeping yourself from being knocked off the platform. One thing people took some time to realize is that they get knocked away base on their position relative to the tank taking the smash, not relative to Blackhand. We also had the people who got slagged by the bomb not take the smash because that can end in an instant death. But you guys are super close to a kill. Getting to 7% is huge, when it comes to something like that it becomes a question of minor execution mistakes. Good luck, I know you'll kill him soon.