Tuesday, June 9, 2015

[Hearthstone] Defeating the Dark Iron Arena (Normal)

I'm continuing my posts on defeating Hearthstone's new adventure "Blackrock Mountain".

Before we get into the post, I wanted to comment on the new Hero coming to Hearthstone. Of course, it's not really a new Hero, its simply a skin over the existing Hero with some new dialog. I chalk this up to Marketing and asking Marketing to not lie is like asking a pig to not wallow in the mud. They will do it because it is their nature. The new Hero skin costs $10. I think that is too much money for one skin so I plan to show this is Blizzard in one simple way. I won't buy it.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog.

The actual boss you fight in the Dark Iron Arena is High Justice Grimstone. They did a great job with his voice acting. He summons almost nothing but Legendary minions. They tend to be pretty expensive so playing an aggro type of deck works well here.

Mulligan your initial cards to try to get a Mana Wyrm. A Snowchugger would be a second choice. Lorewalker Cho can really mess up your strategy. Ideally you want the Mana Wyrm out with a bunch of spells in your hand when Millhouse Manastorm shows up.

Arcane Missiles x 2
Mana Wyrm x 2
Arcane Explosion x 2
Snow Chugger x 2
Arcane Intellect x 2
Duplicate x 2
Mirror Entity x 2
Cone of Cold x 1
Fireball x 2
Polymorph x 2
Piloted Shredder x 2
Water Elemental x 2
Faceless Manipulator
Blizzard x 2
Flamestrike x 2

I managed to get my Mana Wyrms going and won 30-0.

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