Wednesday, June 10, 2015

[Hearthstone] Defeating Emporer Thaurissan (Normal)

Welcome back to the third installment of my trip through Blackrock Moutain. The final boss of the first wing is Emperor Thaurissan.

The trick with Thaurissan is you can't let Moria die. She's a 1/3 minion on his side of the board so any AoE you do that takes more than 3 hit points will kill her. In addition, he's got some Unstable Ghouls in his deck and if he gets both off they will damage her down to 1 HP and then ANY AoE you do will kill her. Moria will attack you only, unless you have a taunt out. Then she will attack the taunt, so no taunters in your deck unless you want to use a Shieldbearer (0/4). If you let her die, Thaurissan gains an attack that does 30 damage and basically one shots you. Thanks for playing, we have some lovely parting gifts for you, and the home game!

I went with a Priest deck with Power Word: Shield. That gave me the option to actually use it on Moria to increase her health if needed. With Anduin's hero power, I could also heal her directly if needed. Thaurissan has a couple of Fiery War Axe cards in his deck so I originally had put two Acidic Swamp Oozes in mine, but I took those out in favor of two Holy Nova.

Thaurissan also has some big minions ( like the 7/7 War Golem) so Shadow Word: Death seemed like a good idea. The Darkscale healers help out if your own healing isn't enough to keep up with his constant pressure from Moria and his other minions since you likely don't have any taunts. If you use Holy Nova make sure it doesn't kill an Unstable Ghoul and you have the mana to heal Moria up afterwards. You might want to consider saving a Holy Smite for his 5/1 Magma Ravagers.

If he gets one of his Golems out (7/7) and you don't have an answer like Shadow Word: Death or Mind Control, it can get ugly.

Holy Smite x2
Power Word: Shield x2
Northshire Cleric x2
Shadow Word: Pain x2
Shadow Word: Death x2
Dark Cultists x2
Shattered Sun Cleric x2
Shadow Madness x2
Auchenai Soulpriest
Holy Nova x2
Darkscale Healer x2
Holy Fire
Boulderfist Ogre x2
Temple Enforcer
Stormwind Champion x2
Mind Control x2

This match can be tough depending on what you draw and what he draws, but keep answers for his big hits and you can beat him.

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