Wednesday, June 17, 2015

[Hearthstone] Defeating General Drakkisath (Normal)

The deck I put together for General Drakkisath uses some legendary minions that you get from completing the Naxxramas adventure. I assume you did Naxx before BRM. If you are new to the game or coming back after a long break, I would advise you to get Naxx first. You can buy it with in-game gold, but it is a pretty insane grind. Naxx contains some really advantageous cards that still see use in many decks even with GnG and now BRM out.

Drakkisath has an interesting Hero power. All your cards cost 1 mana, but you can only spend 1 mana. The result is you can only play 1 card per turn but you can play any card, and you can never use your Hero power. I went with a Priest deck full of Legendary and other big minions.

Drakkisath starts with 50 HP so you'll need some serious firepower. You will want counters for big minions like his 7/7 War Golems. If he gets Troggzor the Earthinator out be careful of your spells lest you fill the board with Troggs. He's also got a board clear (Twisting Nether) which he will use if you get too many minions out.

Shadow Word : Death x2
Thoughtsteal x2
Velen's Chosen x2
Dark Cultist x2
Holy Nova x2
Faceless Manipulator
Holy Fire
Sunwalker x2
Stormwind Champion x2
War Golem x2
Force-Tank MAX x2
Mind Control x2
Sea Giant
Mountain Giant

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