Monday, June 15, 2015

[Hearthstone] Defeating Ragnaros (Normal)

The final boss of this wing is none other than Ragnaros, but you don't start out fighting Rag right away. First, of course, you have to deal with Majordomo. Once you have defeated Majordomo and then he will summon Ragnaros who replaced Majordomo as the 'hero' and has 8 health and 8 mana.

Majordomo has a major surprise waiting for you. His hand is literally filled with 8/8 Molten Giants. If you get him below 20 HP he will flood the board with those guys. Unless you are a Paladin and have a Equality plus Consecration combo, good luck dealing with that.

What you want to do is hold Majordomo just above 20 health until you've got the board control to burst him down. This situation almost seemed tailor made for a Shaman Bloodlust deck.

One interesting observation if made is that the AI didn't seem to think Vitality Totem was much of a threat and several times went after other minions. This let me recover and swing the match to a win.

Earthshock x2
Forked Lightning x2
Vitality Totem
Whirling Zip-o-matic x2
Powermace x2
Feral Spirit
Hex x2
Lava Burst
Lightning Storm
Unbound Elemental
Dunemaul Shaman
Piloted Shreader x2
Windspeaker x2
Bloodlust x2
Silver Hand Knight x2
Fire Elemental x2
Lord of the Arena

I've got the board, time to unleash my Bloodlust.

Majordomo is taken care of, now to deal with Ragnaros

Dealt with.

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