Thursday, June 25, 2015

Welcome to the [Tanaan] Jungle

I got on later than usual due to some real life stuff. We got some potential good news on the house front, but now we enter into a holding pattern to see if its all going to come together. Fingers, and toes crossed.

When I finally logged on, I got right to work opening up my Shipyard and getting to Tanaan. At the same time, I had designs on getting into a Mythic Skyreach group to get the new epic gem cutting recipe that drops there. Unfortunately, due to my late arrival, groups had already formed and despite having both a tank and healer we couldn't find enough people online to put a group together. I wasn't sure about PUGing a Mythic dungeon so I had to put that off until another night.

I completed the quest to build my shipyard and launched off for Tanaan. It's so weird being in a new place. I had no idea where anything was or how to get from point A to point B. Part of that is exciting and refreshing and part of it is frustrating and confusing. Then came the moment I spotted the first yellow dot on my UI and visions of gold raining down from sky in the form of the new crafting reagent, Felblight, danced in my head. Only Blizzard was to have the last laugh on this one. First off, it took until the fifth or sixth vein for me to actually get some Felblight. I have an addon that shows me the Auction price when I mouse over an item and shows whether I'm better off auctioning it off or vendoring (taking into account auction fees). Remembering how crazy expensive Savage Blood was at the start of the expansion, I moused over the Felblight in my inventory nearly salivating. Apparently the devs decided to rain down Felblight on the player base. My mouth dropped to floor when I saw the price and the addon recommend to vendor it! Vendor!!!

I've been really enjoying paying for my WoW sub with gold and with Blizzard nerfing gold from missions and Savage Blood down to nearly 100g a pop on my server, I had held out hope for Felblight and epic gems to really pad the wallet. Realizing those plans were for naught put a bit of a sour note on the night for me.

I got the shipyard built and launched my first mission. After I got the second blueprint, I looked at the next mission but it only had an 88% chance of success. I didn't want to risk losing my new ships so I held them in port until I can upgrade them or something.

I got the robot opened up for making epic gems, but I completely stumbled onto the quest chain. The only recipe I have so far is the versatility one but I already have the Brawlers Guild rank for that one I just need to go buy it.  I logged off having barely scratched the surface of the new content. I didn't finish a single daily or even finish most of the introductory quests.

As I saw people in the guild linking gear from the world boss or talking already being Honored with factions I haven't even met yet it was hard to not feel like I was already behind and the patch hasn't even been out a week. But no one in the guild is pushing me. It's not like the raid leader was demanding everyone do Kazaak before you come to the raid. The only pressure I'm feeling is what I'm putting on myself.


Shandren said...

Hmm vendoring it... Really? Either your server is VASTLY different fom mine, or your addon is wrong in this case. I made a couple thousand gold just selling the 9 felblights i got from killing the boss (not a gatherer).

Honors Code said...


It turned out to be an issue with my addon. After I updated it, it showed the Felblight going for about 500g a pop, but I decided to roll the dice and make and epic Mastery gem instead of selling the Felblight directly.

Michael Green said...

Felblight is a bit lower on my server, around 300g a piece. However once you make it in to an epic gem then you get to around 25-30k a piece.