Friday, July 24, 2015

[Hearthstone] The Grand Tournament

Hearthstone announced a new expansion called The Grand Tournament. It looks like it would be fun and I've been playing a more Hearthstone lately. The fact that I can play on my Phone at lunch or when the kids are on the computer is a big help.

Blizzard has also announced a preorder bundle where you get 50 packs and an exclusive card back. You can buy the packs with gold and 50 packs would take 5000g to purchase. I have almost 1100g saved up, and I could probably save more in the 3 or 4 weeks before it goes live.

I'm still considering buying the preorder bundle with cold, hard cash and then spending the gold I've saved up on the existing card packs for Classic cards and cards from the Gnomes versus Goblins expansion. I've got 1500 dust for the first time thanks to pulling a second Alexstraza out of a free pack I got from my first victory of the week in Tavern Brawl. You can only have 1 copy of any Legendary card so I disenchanted her for dust.

I'm still missing many 'key' cards from the first two expansion. My only Legendaries outside of the Naxx and Blackrock Mountain Adventure ones are the aforementioned Alexstraza and The Beast. Alexstraza is considered to be a good card, but The Beast isn't. I'm still missing  many of the Epics (Cabal Shadow Priest for Priest, Force of Nature for Druid, Big Game Hunter, Piloted Sky Golem) and even some rares like Coldlight Oracle, Kezan Mystic, and Injured Blade master. I also could use a second Auchenai Soul Preist and Light of Naaru.

I've got my WoW subscription paid up for months thanks to the WoW Token which frees up some dollars I had budgeted for gaming.
I also like the artwork on the cardback you get with the preorder, but that is a minor consideration only.

Preorders go on sale next week. Decisions, decisions.

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