Tuesday, August 4, 2015

[Hearthstone] Season 16 (July)

Hearthstone's 16th season wrapped up and I'm happy to announce I made a new personal best rank this month. Previously, my best rank was Rank 17, but this month, I hit Rank 16.

I realize no one cares what happens at Ranks 15 or above, but I'm pretty pleased with it. If we compared Hearthstone to WoW Raiding, Ranks 25 to 20 would be like the LFR level of Hearthstone. Ranks 19 to 15 are Flex, 14 to 6 are Heroics and Ranks 5 to 1/Legend are Mythic.

I used a couple of different decks to climb this month. I try to keep one deck of each class so I can always do the daily quest to get gold to buy packs. It also helps me learn the tools the other classes have so I can try to anticipate what my opponent might be able to do on his turn.

My main deck was a more of a taunt heavy Priest deck. My preferred play style is more mid-range or board control (Tank) but the current environment in Hearthstone promotes a faster, rush (DPS) style. I got tired of constantly losing to those hyper-aggressive, rush decks that aim to finish the game before Turn 6. I had two choices. I could either make my own hyper-aggressive rush deck or I could try to make a deck that countered that play style. I chose the latter.

Taunt forces your opponent to attack the minion with Taunt rather than another minion or your hero. You can still target minions without taunt with Spells or certain Battlecry effects, but if you want to attack with a minion, you have to attacked the Taunt minion first. The aggressive decks generally have lots of small, cheap minions and attack your hero at every opportunity.

I'm not sure my deck can climb a whole lot higher, but I'm going to aim for Rank 15 next season before the Grant Tournament drops. Your rank is reset at the start of each Season (each month). The early part of the season tends to be even more dominated by aggressive decks. Those decks typically have faster games allowing people to climb the ranks more quickly.

I'm not sure I'd recommend using this deck. It can go horribly, horribly wrong. It runs quite a few high mana cards, and buffs. If you wind up with a bunch of buffs and high mana minions in your opening hand, its probably going to be loss. Against aggressive decks, Deathlord won't hurt you much since all their minions tend to be small. Against other Control style decks, it can lose you game as I found out when I a Control Warrior got Ysera on Turn 4. Oops.

The deck also lacks a bit of late punch. Many times you will rely on your opponent to provide you with the pieces to kill him. One time, I Mind Controlled my opponents Ragnoros the Firelord for a win. Another time I wiped my opponents board with Unleash the Hounds that I got from Thoughtsteal.

But you are doing well in Hearthstone with a 50% win rate, and given the current state of the game, you are more likely to run into an aggressive deck than a slower one.

I've had some epic games with this deck and I enjoyed the playstyle. I'm looking forward to seeing what it will do next season before everything gets crazy as people try out new decks from the expansion.

ProtHoly (Taunt Heavy Priest)
Circle of Healing x 2
LIght of the Naaru
Power Word : Shield x 2
Northshire Priest x 2
Resurrect x 2
Shadow Word : Pain
Annoy-o-Tron x 2
Deathlord x 2
Shadow Word: Death x 2
Thoughtsteal x 2
Shade of Naxxramas
Arcane Nullifier
Auchenai Soulpriest
Sludge Belcher
Holy Nova x 2
Sunwalker x 2
Mind Control x2

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