Monday, August 10, 2015

[WoW - Legion] Ashbringer

I looked forward to the announcement of the new Expansion and I wondered how much information we would get. Since I've stopped raiding due to my new schedule, I've been playing around more with alts. My favorite has been my old Alliance Hunter (the one that got Rhok'delar back in the day) and I was giving quite serious contemplation to going Hunter for the Expansion. I'm doing so much more solo these days and no class solos quite like a Hunter.

One picture was all it took to change that.


THE Ashbringer.

My son, there will come a day when you will command the Ashbringer, and with it mete out justice across this land. I have no doubt that when that day finally comes, you will bring pride to our people, and that Lordaeron will be a better place because of you. But, my son, that day is not today. - Alexandros Mograine


I don't know if I can properly describe what The Ashbringer means to a Paladin player steeped in Warcraft lore. It is the the quintessential Paladin weapon. Forged by none other than King Magni Bronzebeard, wielded by Alexandros Mograine, purified and wielded by Tirion Fordring himself, and shattered Frostmourne at the peak of Ice Crown Citadel.

Now, Theogrun Bronzebeard, better known by the moniker Honor's Hammer, will join the line of Mograine and Fordring and wield The Ashbringer as part of a reformed Silver Hand to mete out justice to the Legion and all its followers.

The only question left now is if I will keep him Tauren or if I will bring him back to the Alliance. It almost feels like Ashbringer needs to be in Alliance hands. Its never been wielded by any other than a human, though it was forged by Dwarves. It feels like an Alliance weapon. That said, I'm not sure it would look right on a Dwarf. Ashbringer needs to look big. It won't look right scaled down to a Dwarf. Human or Draenai would work, but man it would look HUGE in Tauren hands, especially male Tauren.

While the lore reasons are good, I'm in a solid guild right now, and I've started forming gaming friendships with some of the members. Granted, I'm not raiding, but my schedule should open back up in a couple of months.

It would be great if I could be Alliance and still be in my same guild. Its not like the factions really matter anymore. Pandas can be on either side and with Mercenary mode, you'll see people PVPing for both sides. We have banded together time and again to take down threat after threat: The Old Gods in Silithus, Illidan in Outland, The Lich King himself in Northrend, Deathwing all across Azeroth, The Thunder King and Garrosh in Pandaria, and the Iron Horde of Draenor. Why do we even keep fighting each other?

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Hofflerand said...

You gotta go female human paladin for the anime weapons! Although I suspect a blood elf will look great with the flaming Ashbringer. I gotta admit, while part of me sees a drawback to artifacts (everyone will have Ashbringer), the other side is damn excited.