Tuesday, May 17, 2016

[SWTOR] Chapter 13

What do you do with a free night and no Legion Beta invite? SWTOR!

I finished Chapter 13. It was pretty good, but again, like all of them, I found it too short. For this chapter, I was really looking forward to seeing Vette enter the KotFE storyline. 

Recently, I started a baby Sith Warrior with a guy I used to work with and I've been getting to know Vette better through that toon. Spoiler Alert: I like the way this character is written quite a bit. The initial interaction with her sets the tone well with her wisecracking the prison guard.  In Chapter 13, Vette is more the supporting actress. The star of the show is the Bounty Hunter companion, Gault. I never got far enough with my Bounty Hunter to meet Gault. He was something of an unknown to me and it didn't take long at all for him to turn off my Light Side Jedi Knight. I would have liked the Chapter better had Vette had more screen time. She is still the fun, wise cracking side kick but you can see the last 5 years of dealing with the Eternal Empire have taken some of that lightheartedness away. Perhaps BioWare could have gone into their vaunted "choice" bucket and let you choose which companion you spend more time with like the Koth/Senya choice in one of the earlier chapters.

Minor spoiler

Initially, I was disappointed when Chapter 13 didn't address the cliffhanger at the end of Chapter 12 in any meaningful way. I felt the hand waving "lost communication with all parties" was a little weak. They did finally address it in the epilogue of Chapter 13. While I liked the impact and consequences it had, it felt like they could have done more. Basically, you get a "here's what happened" kind of resolution. I have a sneaking suspicion the ending would have played out exactly the same way regardless of my choices in Chapter 12 which is a weak point in their narrative. If my choices don't matter much, why am I bothering making them?

Two for the Road

I've been having a great time playing with my buddy as we work through the low levels. SWTOR is a really great game for a duo. Unfortunately, our Presence is so high from our other max level toons that we are blazing through everything with little trouble. It also helps that I (prepare to be shocked) rolled a tank (Immortal Juggernaut) and my friend rolled a healer (healer spec Operative).

We are basically playing through the story like it’s a single player or co-op game. SWTOR works very well like this and the leveling stories are really solid, though I'm finding the Sith Warrior story to be inferior to the Jedi Knight story to this point.

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