Tuesday, May 31, 2016

So Today Is Kind Of A Big Day

In April, I was perusing my Twitter feed when I saw an announcement from Matt Walsh aka Rhidach.

Matt and his wife recently had a baby and I remember well from those days with both my baby Hammers that neither free time nor energy was in great abundance.

I’ve wanted to write for Blizzard Watch for a long time, going back to their days before they were called Blizzard Watch. Once I heard about Matt stepping down, I contacted the editors to apply. I had applied a couple of times in the past for different positions, but each time I had come up short.

After detailing my experience both as a long time Tankadin and Blogger, I was offered the gig. I’m now the new Protection Paladin Class Columnist for the premiere Blizzard games fan site on the Internet. I am at once amazed and humbled. I also might be in completely over my head, but I guess we will see soon enough.

I'll still be blogging here at Honor's Code. My column on Blizzard Watch is only once a month, and much of what I post here wouldn't be applicable to my Blizzard Watch column. You’ll continue to get the ongoing adventures of a Dwarf trying to make his way in the World (of Warcraft).

By the time you read this, my first column will have gone live on Blizzard Watch. This is really happening.

Hey, Blizzard Watch!!



Talmar Savistag said...

Awesome. Grats. Loved the article as well. Might have to dust off my tankadin.

Francis Roussel said...

Welcome to Blizzard Watch ! I will read your columns and take your tips to improve my tanking during Legion :D

Mehrunissa#1810 (aka Francis)

Xénu said...

Congrats, couldn't think of anyone who could do the job better!