Tuesday, July 19, 2016

[WoW] Legion Patch Day

Welcome to Patch Day!

It looks like a longer maintenance today (as expected) so if you need a suggestion passing the time, I'd start with reading up on the changes if you haven't already. I've got both a Protection and Retribution guide up on Blizzard Watch.

After that, I'd recommend the Legion comics. They are well done, and the Madefire Motion Book editions bring them to life with music and movement. My favorite was Fault Lines, but A Mountain Divided was solid as well.

Highmountain: A Mountain Divided
Nightborne: Twilight of Suramar
Magni: Fault Lines

I got pretty much everything done I wanted to last night before I logged off. I didn't make a huge amount of gold, but every little bit helps. I sent out the team on one last gold gathering mission. I'm assuming the rewards won't change for an active mission and I'll still get the gold for the last time. We'll see tonight.

One mount I've been able to use in Beta that I'm going to miss is the Champion's Treadblade. I'm tempted to save up and buy it on Live. With us being grounded again, it's all about the ground mounts for the foreseeable future in Legion.

The biggest thing I'm looking forward to when I log in again is getting my bag space back. I'm a horrible packrat. I still have stuff like the Mudskunk Lure and the old Librams that we used back when we had a Relic slot. I'm sure for as long as I've been playing Honors, I'll have unlocked quite a few looks.

I imaging the Auction House will be overflowing with BoEs tomorrow. I've still got dozens of Salvage Crates to open and I don't have the first clue how I'll price the BoEs that come from them once I verify I don't need the appearance anymore.

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BigFire said...

I managed to liquidate all but 1k of Garrison resources on all 10 of my level 100 characters by trading them to money. Conversion rate used to be 50 resources for about 15g that still adds up to quite a bit of gold. With treasure finding trait being replaced by more garrison resource trait, I shouldn't be too hard hit with backfilling my garrison resources. I still use them to make Hexweave Bag which will continue to sell.