Friday, February 24, 2017

Krosus Progression

Apologies for the Wall O Text. I'll try to remember to get some screenshots next time.


The Voracity crew headed back into Nighthold and knocked out the first three bosses (Skorpyron, Chronomatic Anomaly, and Trilliax) in short order. We had gotten our first kill on Spellblade the week before, but it was messy as my six-year-old's bedroom and I wasn't sure it was repeatable. I was right. The problem area, at least from my point of view, is moving out of Arcane fog while staying with my co-Tank during Annihilate. After a couple of pulls, I could feel the attempts getting more and more solid. Our Warlocks upped the AoE damage with a combination of some Warlocky spell and other Warlocky spell (Cataclysm?). That helped put the adds down faster, and the next pull we got our kill. It still wasn't super clean, but she was dead, and neither of the tanks were, so that's a bonus.

Aegis of Light

I had experimented with Aegis of Light for Spellblade to help both me and my co-Tank mitigate an Annihilate. I didn't find it that helpful. You can't use it on the move, or cast other mitigation spells. The 20% from Aegis isn't enough by itself to get you through. I may try it again at some point, chaining a copule of Shield of Righteous hits before I drop it.


We only got a couple of attempts on Krosus last time, but this week, we had more time to play with him. I switched my spec over to Holy Shield for this fight. Holy Shield lets you block spells and you can use it to block Searing Brand and Slam. I don't know if it was because of Holy Shield or something else, but the Searing Brand DoT felt more manageable this week than it did last week. During one of our attempts, my co-Tank went down and I figured I'd hold on as long as I could. I guess its part of my tank mindset, but I never like to give up on an encounter, even when its pretty obvious that we are on a one way trip to Wipesville, Population: Us. I blew every cooldown I had, as did our healers, and when I finally started tanking the floor, I had 17 stacks. This is as much a reflection of our incredible healers as it is my tanking. We knew we had the DPS to beat the enrage timer, and once the DPS figured out the Orb of Destruction positioning in the final phase, Krosus was eating fel lake.


The Officers decided that our next target would be Tichondrius. If you played Warcraft III, Tichondrius was one of the three Dreadlords that Sylvanas overthrew to become Queen of the Forsaken. The others wound up working for Sylvanas (Varimathras) or infiltrating the Scarlet Crusade (Balnazzar).

Tichondruis is an involved fight. My main job is kiting bloods away from the boss so DPS can kill them. We had some good learning attempts, but the list of our mistakes was, as Maverick might say, long and distinguished.

Oh, Legendary

After the raid, I went and opened up my Mythic+ chest and lo and behold, inside was a Legendary, the Chain of Thrayn. My dream Legendary is Saruan's Resolve, but there's no chance I'm going to complain about not getting it. It'd be like someone gave me a Honda and I'm complaining because it wasn't an Acura. I already own Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus, and after doing a little research, it looks like the Chain is better, but playing casually, I haven't finished the last Class Order Hall advancement which means I'm restricted to a single Legendary, and, as a bonus, because I've had Prydaz, I haven't kept any of my other neckpieces, so even if I wanted to use the Chain, I literally have nothing to put in my neck slot.


Alero Calgary said...


For Tich..

Stack the adds on the boss and kill them during the big spikes.
It works, we one shot it with that strat.


Honors Code said...

Hi Raist! Good to see you, buddy.

Are you talking about killing them when everyone has to run and hide behind the pillars?

Alero Calgary said...


Yes sir, works like a charm, give it a shot, your dps will love their numbers lol
Make sure the hunters MD the adds to you when the big ones come.

Alero Calgary said...

Check those #s lol