Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Hunter Pros and Cons

This week, I'm going to do a post on what I see as the pros and cons of each class I'm currently considering as my new main. Under some points, you'll see a counterpoint to that pro or con.

Here's your chance to make the case that I should join your class family. Tweet at me @honorshammer or leave a comment.

I'm going in alphabetical order. Today, the Hunter.

Hunter Pros

  • I have actually played Beast Mastery Hunter in all end game PVE content. I've done well and enjoyed it.
    • I did do low DPS when I tried to PuG Antorus and got kicked after dying to Ruiner. 
  • Pets are fun. You never feel you're alone in the world. I love my dinosaur pets.
  • The new BfA Survival looks wicked cool. 
    • BfASurvival is looking like more of a single target spec, and not strong for M+. 
  • New Survival gets to throw bombs!!
    • WildFire Bomb/Wildfire Infusion is not looking like the strongest build.
  • I enjoyed Charge on my Warrior. Harpoon is the closest to Charge of any of the classes I'm considering. Shaman's Feral Lunge is talented. Monk's Roll is not targeted and hard to control.
  • There's always Beast Mastery if Survival doesn't work out.
  • All Hunters get Stealth in BfA (Camouflage).
  • Survival Hunter is the closest I'm going to get to playing a Tinker in WoW.
  • Hunter brings Bloodlust/Heroism.
    • Drums exists

Hunter Cons

  • I might get bored with playing a Pure DPS class.
    • If I get bored that just gives me more time to play my Horde Druid.
  • Hunters have no role flexibility.
    • Other guys on the team will have multiple toons with flexibility.
  • My Hunter is my Engineer. He will always be broke.
  • Hunter is a popular class. There are going to be at least two other Hunter mains in the raid team.
    • I should play what I want. If there's too many Hunters, someone else can switch. If the groups are full on DPS, I can play my Horde Druid.
  • Long queues as Pure DPS.
    • When was the last time I queued for anything? 
    • There's lots of role agnostic content in BfA.
  • Pets are slow to follow you after you Harpoon to a target which delays Focus generation from Kill Command.
    • Every class is going to have some issues.
  • I don't like Marksmanship. A Hunter without a pet is a mail wearing mage.
    • Marksmanship can use pets in BfA. If a fight is punishing on melee, I can always go Beast Mastery. For the fights that have been tested, Survival's Aspect of the Eagle has been sufficient.

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