Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Monk Pros and Cons

This week, I'm going to do a post on what I see as the pros and cons of each class I'm currently considering as my new main. Under some points, I've included a counterpoint to that pro or con.

Here's you chance to make the case that I should join your class family. Tweet at me @honorshammer or leave a comment.

I'm going in alphabetical order. Today, the Monk.

Monk Pros

  • Monks have a cool aesthetic. I like all the combat animations.
  • Monk is the only option I'm considering that can tank.
    • I'm looking to take a break from tanking.
    • If I need my tanking fix in BfA, I can tank on my Horde Druid
  • Windwalker Monks are great in M+ in Legion.. Method currently has Windwalker as a Top 5 DPS for M+.
    • Will this carry over to BfA?
  • The new Rising Mists talent for Mistweavers looks fun.
    • I probably won't heal often.
  • My Monk is an alchemist which should bring in good gold income

Monk Cons
  • I would need to level up from 52 or use a boost. I would rather not use a boost since boosted characters don't count towards number of max level toons achievements like Quintessential Quintet. After just finishing leveling up the Shaman and Warrior to 110, I'm a bit burnout on leveling and could use a break. 
  • Monk is the only option without a Ranged spec.
  • Monk would be another Leather wearer with my Druid.
    • Why does this matter?
  • I think our Main Tank is going Monk, maybe one of the healers.  
    • Monk is the least played class. Maybe that changes in BfA, Regardless, I should play what I want. If there's too many Monks, someone else can switch.

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