Monday, October 22, 2007

I Want My P.T.R

I copied Honorshammer over to the PTR this weekend to check out the new changes in 2.3.
(all the graphics below are taken directly from screenshots and have not been altered)
The first thing I wanted to try out was the new Combat Expertise Talent that I was so very excited about.

When I copied Hammer over he had 12007 unbuffed hit points, and 866 stamina. This is in my Raid/Uncrushable kit. You have your talent points reset when you first copy over to the PTR so the first thing I did was put 2 points back into Sacred Duty.
That took me to 12.5k hit points and 917 stamina with no buffs.
Then I start putting points into the new Combat Expertise.
1 point.
2 points.
3 points. Hello 13k Hitpoints. Nice to see you.
4 points.
5 points. So I went from 12517 to 13437, a net increase of 920 hit points.
Now I was getting pretty excited. I went and found a friendly Druid and a Priest and got some buffs.
With just those buffs, I was sitting at nearly 16k hit points.
On live, fully raid buffed with food, flask, shout and everything, I'm sitting at 17.6k hit points. This change will easily put me over 18k in that scenario. This is an awesome change for Paladin tanks. Each point in stamina is made more valuable by this talent, and as our hit points go up, so does the Ardent Defender threshold. At 12k hit points, Ardent Defender kicks in as soon as I go below 4200 hit points. At 16k, Ardent Defender kicks in at 5600 hit points. Ardent Defender reduces damage taken by 30%.

Of course, I would still have more hit points if I was a Warrior. I'd have my Range slot to get the Stamina gun, and I wouldn't have to work so hard to be uncrushable. I could equip my Shermanar Great Ring with its 36 stamina instead of my Andormu's Tear. But I need the Dodge, Defense and Shield Block Rating from the Tear to stay Uncrushable.

One other really nice change that I noticed on the PTR is that quest givers show up on your mini map. Not just ones whom you've completed a quest for, but ones that HAVE a quest as well. This is an awesome change and no one (that I have seen) has said anything about it.

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Galoheart said...

Hey nice and nice of you to demo show the upcoming changes.

You sure will have more hit points when you add in the Food Buffs also.