Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Litany of the Disgruntled Warrior

Joanadark (Level 70 Warrior, Spirestone server) has written the Litany of the Disgruntled Warrior in response to the Warrior's complaints about the buff to the Combat Expertise talent currently on the 2.3 PTR. It was too good not to share on my blog.

If I want DPS buffs, it's because I'm a hybrid.
If I want to tank, its because I'm the only PURE tanking class.
If I DPS badly, it's because I am broken.
If I tank badly, it's because my itemization sucks.
If I die, it's because of my healers.
If I live, it's because I have Shield Wall and you don't.
If I fail at PvP, it's because I am gear dependant.
If a 2 hander drops, Arms is an amazing PvE spec.
If my current 2 hander is better, Arms is good only for PvP.
The devs hate us, except when they don't.

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